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Event Photography Options

We have 2 options for Event Photography:


Option 1: All Inclusive Package - We will come to your event, set up a backdrop, lights and a camera to take photographs.  The time period is 3 hours.  During this 3-hour window, you will get unlimited photographs and prints to be given to your guest.  The cost for this service is $900.00.  We will provide one of our scenic backdrops or you can provide a backdrop of your choosing.  The photos will be 4x6 photographs delivered to your guest on the same night.  

Option 2: Guest Pay Package - Our guest pay package has the same setup as our all-inclusive package.  The main difference is with the method of payment.  For our guest pay package, the event coordinator will be responsible for a $200.00 set-up fee.  In return, the coordinator will receive $50.00 worth of pictures as well as a Photo magazine will all of the photos taken the day of the event.  Guest will pay per picture if they choose to buy pictures.  The cost for pictures will be $5.00 for (4x6) photographs, $10.00 for (5x7) photographs and $15.00 for (8x10) photographs.  


If desired, we also offer a magazine that would include all of the photos from your event available for sale to all of your guest.  The price for this service will begin at $25.00 per magazine.  Prices will vary based on the size of the event.  Magazines will be delivered no later than 6 to 8 weeks after the event.   

Other print sizes will be available for anyone who desires to have a larger sized print.  Since these prints will be special order, they will be mailed directly to the purchaser.